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Allure - Rainshower system with LED screen

Allure - Rainshower system with LED screen

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Introducing the Allure Rainshower System – an epitome of opulence and cutting-edge design that transforms your shower experience into a sensory indulgence. The Full Set in Black and Grey is a statement piece, merging modern aesthetics with advanced technology to create the ultimate showering oasis for your bathroom.

Key Features:

  1. Rainshower Elegance: Immerse yourself in the luxury of a rainfall shower with the Allure Rainshower System. Experience a gentle cascade of water that replicates the soothing sensation of a natural downpour, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

  2. LED Screen Innovation: Stay in control and elevate your shower experience with the integrated LED screen. Easily monitor and adjust water temperature, ensuring a perfect blend of warmth and comfort every time you step into the shower. The digital interface adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

  3. Full Set in Black and Grey: The Allure Rainshower System comes in an exquisite Black and Grey color scheme, adding a contemporary and elegant touch to your bathroom decor. This full set includes all components necessary for a seamless installation, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look.

  4. Under Pressure Performance: Enjoy the invigorating sensation of a high-pressure shower. The Allure Rainshower System is designed to provide a powerful and revitalizing stream of water, offering an unparalleled showering experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

  5. Digital Precision: The digital controls not only enable you to set the perfect water temperature but also enhance water conservation. Effortlessly switch between warm and cold water settings, optimizing your shower experience while promoting eco-friendly practices.

  6. Warm and Cold Shower Faucet: The Allure Rainshower System comes equipped with a shower faucet that allows you to easily adjust between warm and cold water, catering to your individual preferences. Experience a personalized and comfortable shower tailored to your liking.

Elevate your bathroom to new heights of luxury and functionality with the Allure Rainshower System. Imbue your daily ritual with the tranquility of rainfall, the convenience of digital controls, and the striking aesthetics of Black and Grey. Upgrade to the Allure Rainshower System and redefine your showering experience.

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